Driving Lessons for Under 17's

How would it feel being able to drive a car before your friends can? Well now you can find out when you come along to one of our Under 17 Driving Sessions in Exeter, Devon.

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Under 17 Driving Sessions are fun and educational

When you join us for one of our under 17 driving courses you will be pleased to know that you will not be expected to do any classroom sessions, as all of our courses are driving based. They are also run to benefit you, not our bank balance. This means that we do not operate a strict course structure as this method of training just means having to do more sessions, and spending more money as a result. Instead all our courses are run to suit your needs. This benefits you regardless of your experience.

Session Bookings & Payments

For all the latest Full Day and Half Day sessions click on the photo above. All sessions can be booked and paid for through the website. Payment is made using Pay Pal, however, an account is not required. Once payment has been made a confirmation email will be sent with all the session details. If you encounter any issues during the booking process please contact us so that we can assist you.

Full Day Driving Session £119-Devon Driver Centre, Westpoint, Devon

If you are 16 years or older and want to get some driving experience before you have lessons on the road then our full day driving sessions at the Devon Driver Centre are for you. You will get to drive on enclosed roads with junctions, roundabouts, Traffic Lights and a Pedestrian Crossing. The full day driving session runs from 9.30-16.30 with 2 people on the course. The benefit of this is that it allows you to gain valuable experience through driving and also observing the other person, without getting to exhausted during the day.

Two Hour Driving Session £69 - Devon Driver Centre, Westpoint, Devon

We also offer two hour driving sessions at Westpoint, Exeter, Devon. These one to one sessions are open to anyone aged 16 years and upwards. It's a great way to gain some experience before you go onto the road. You will learn to move off and stop, as well as change gears, before moving onto dealing with junctions and reversing.

Just to say a huge thank you for an excellent 3 hour teen driving experience today, my son Josh, aged 14 had a brilliant time and is already talking about the next time (Trudy Talbot)